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What’s Quarantine Like for a Frequent Traveler? An Interview with Champion Surfer Zane Schweitzer

Those of us who aren’t essential workers and have been fortunate enough to avoid illness, have been hunkered down at home for the past 6 weeks. It’s been quite a change of pace for everyone and especially for frequent travelers, who are more used to living on the road than staying at home. I talked with one of our members, Zane Schweitzer, World Champion Surfer and frequent traveler, about his experiences coping with quarantine, and what it was like to travel during the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak.

Improve Your Diet & Carbon Footprint With One Buy

The food system is broken. This is the belief of New York City-based urban farm We Are The New Farmers. It’s also a guiding principle in their business.

“We started We Are The New Farmers because we believe that there is a dire need for more sustainable food alternatives,” explains CEO & Cofounder Jonas Günther.


How to Tweak Your Lifestyle to Help Prevent Chronic Disease

Over the past century, the U.S. has made remarkable strides in pharmaceutical treatments and the prevention of infectious diseases. However, a new wave of diseases has risen dramatically: chronic diseases stemming from lifestyle behaviors such as poor diets, lack of exercise, and poor stress management.

According to Dr. Ankush Bansal, diet is 80% of the journey for prevention. What you eat has big impacts on your daily energy, blood sugar levels, and immune system.

How to Decarbonize Your Diet & Fix Your Relationship With Food

Pioneers in the food industry are making it easier to eat sustainably.

For most of humankind’s existence, eating was an interactive, immersive, and even intimate experience. You were with your food through its entire lifecycle: the cultivation, cooking, consumption, and composting. However, since the rise of the industrialized food system, most of us are now only familiar with the “consumption” leg of our food’s journey. We modern eaters are quite dissociated from what we eat.

At-Home Workouts During COVID-19 from "The Fittest Doc" Dr. Nick Nwabueze

How can people maintain an effective workout routine at home, without gym equipment?

Dr. Nick Nwabueze: Consistently creating effective, engaging workouts that are considerate of the locally taxing effects of prior workouts can be challenging. As such, my first go-to for effective home workout routines for those without gym equipment are online personal trainers who often have available either free or cheap week-to-month-long body weight training programs.

Mental Health & Coping During COVID-19: Tips from Licensed Therapist Dr. Justin Ross

Social distancing is critical right now as the world comes together to combat the spread of the new coronavirus. But it can also lead to feelings of isolation, anxiety, or loneliness. I asked Dr. Justin Ross, Licensed Clinical Psychologist, for his tips about how to maintain a positive mental outlook during this time of uncertainty.

Dr. Justin Ross is a licensed clinical psychologist who specializes in health, wellness, and human performance psychology. He has spent the bulk of his career aiding in mental health and wellness initiatives for those performing in stressful, high demanding environments, including those in healthcare as well as athletics.

Podcast Interviews:

How Did the COVID-19 Pandemic Affect Food Insecure Americans?

An interview with Roger Castle, Los Angeles Regional Food Bank’s Chief Development Officer, examining the effects of COVID-19 on food insecurity  rates in the U.S.

Uncommon Good's Mission to Fight Food Insecurity

A Conversation with Johanna Larios of Uncommon Good: Exploring their mission to combat food insecurity, the COVID-19 impact on hunger rates, and ways to get involved in this vital work.

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