About me

I am a writing professional with 7+ years of background in research, journalism, and copywriting. My work experience includes several years spent on the Research team at the Disney-ABC Television Group in Los Angeles, CA, as well as experience working with NBC in NYC. 

For me, research provided a natural transition to content creation (the flip side of market research and consumer analysis). I pivoted my career towards copywriting and digital marketing, landing in the startup world, where I’ve been helping new and established companies build their brands, engage and grow their audiences, and communicate their mission across digital platforms.

I also run a small health coaching business (NASM CPT, CNC) and love to help clients build efficient and personalized programs to reach their health goals. My freelance journalism experience aligns with this passion for healthy living, and centers on topics such as the intersection of nutrition and sustainability, research-backed tools for smarter fitness, and interviews with experts in the nutrition, fitness, and health care industries. 

Be sure to say “hi” if you want to talk fitness, journalism, or television, or connect on a project!

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